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Coronary Care Unit (CCU2)
Coronary Care Unit (CCU2) of Razi hospital

Coronary Care Unit (CCU2):


The instructions used in coronary care unit (CCU) or cardiac intensive care unit (CICU) is according to the newest care instructions in the world. This ward is considered as a professional department of the hospital which is highly sensitive. Patients with a history of heart problems such as myocardial infarction, pulmonaryedema, anginapectoris, any type ofcardiacarrhythmia, heart block and patients who are in need of special care after angioplastyare hospitalized in this ward. CCU2 ward is located in the first floor in Razi Hospital which is quiet accessible by other wards including angiography room, heart surgery ward, heart ICU, heart surgery room, post-angiography ward, CCU1, and echo room. Considering the building's construction, this ward's building plan is u-shaped; nurse station is in the middle of the building and it is dominated by all nurses and patients. This ward has a special monitoring system so that all monitors are connected to the central monitoring system. Each patient unit is equipped with hospital console, syringe pump, suction device and oxygen machine.

Installed Equipment in the Ward:

  • electroshock device

  • ECG monitor

  • Syringe pump

  • Infusion pump used for injecting serum

  • glucometer

  • tympanometer

  • digital scale

  • hospital air bed

  • portable suction device

  • bedside monitoring system which is equipped with a system to measure respiratory rhythm and rate, blood pressure, temperature and SPO2

  • pacemaker generator

  • Wheelchair and medical stretcher

  • 9 three-folding hospital beds equipped with a remote control which can be adjusted by the patient or the nurse.

  • central suction and oxygen system

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