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Omid Mehrpour

Examination of Illegal Slimming Pills and Capsules in Apothecaries in Birjand

Omid Mehrpoor

Analysis of Illegal Compositions of Sexual Enhancers in Apothecaries in Birjand

Omolbanin Motamed-Rezaii

Investigating the Residual Amount of Pesticides in Greenhouse Product of Cucumber in Birjand

Omolbanin Motamed-Rezaii

Evaluation of Prevalence of Fungal Infections in Poultry Farms in Birjand

Mehdi Jalali

Risk Assessment of Exposure to Formaldehyde in the Workers of Pathology in Hospitals of South Khorasan

Samane Kuzegaran

Examining the Possible Contamination of Medicinal Plant of TP (Calpoore) with the Heavy Metals of Mercury and Lead

Tayyebe Chahkandi

Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Urinal Thallium in Children Dependent on Opioid Compounds in 1395

Said Yusefi

Physical and Chemical Properties of Heavy Metals in the Honeys Presented on Birjand Market in 2016

Said Yusefi

Analysis of the Amount of Heavy Metals in the Honeys Supplied in Birjand 95

Mohammad Sobhani

Evaluation of the Amount of Antibiotics in Traditional and Industrial Dairy Products supplied in South Khorasan Province in 2016


Heavy Metals (lead and cadmium) in the Cosmetics-Health Shipments Seized by Disciplinary Force (police) of South Khorasan Province

 Matin Khosravi

Investigation of the Amount of Microbial Contamination in Smuggled Shipments of Rice Sent to Birjand Department of Food and Medicine in 2016

Matin Khosravi

Investigation of the Amount of Heavy Metals in Smuggled Shipments of Rice Sent to Birjand Department of Food and Medicine in 2016

Tayyebe Zeinali

Measuring the Amount of Organochlorine and Organophosphorus Toxins in Vegetables by Gas Chromatography

Tayyebe Zeinali

Measuring the Amount of Heavy Metals (lead, cadmium, copper, arsenic, chromium, nickel and mercury) Found in Red Meat (beef and mutton), White (chicken), and Edible Organs (liver, kidneys and gizzard)

Marjan Farzad

Studying the Relationship between Excitement Cognitive Order-seeking Strategies and Emotion and Thought-control Strategies in Suicidal Attempts by Poisoning and its Comparison with Ordinary People

 Khadije Farrokhfal

Insulin Resistance: the Role of Nitrates Compounds (nitrate salts) Panytryt sodium and nitrosamine

Gholamrea Anani

Evaluation of DNA Damage after Taking the Rice Pill on Mice

Abbas Javadi

Application of the Pattern of Imagination Tendencies in Predicting Smoking among University Students of Birjand Universities

Maryam Khodadadi

Tetracycline removal from aquatic environment : a systematic review of recent research dat

Mohammad Mosavi Miraii

Comparison and Analysis of the Amount of Carotid and Vertebral Artery Stenosis in Patients of Ischemic cva in Opium-consuming Patients with other Patients in Vali Asr Hospital

 Zeynab Saremi

Comparison of Mean Platelet Volume in Patients Addicted to Drugs with that of non-addicts

Zoya Taher-Gurabi

Investigating the Chronic Effects of Inhaling Aluminum Phosphide on Serum Levels of Leptin and Adiponectin in Male Rats

Aliakbar Esmaili

Investigating the Acoustic Parameters of Sound Changes in Drug Users Compared with Healthy Individuals in Birjand in 2016

Azade Ebrahimzade

Comparison of Epidemiology of Infections in Patients Addicted and Non-addicted Hospitalized in the Division of Infectious Diseases of Vali Asr Hospital in 2016

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