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Clinical Development and Research Unit

Introduction and the History of the Unit:

Clinical Development and Research Unit at Birjand Razi Hospital, was opened by the help of research deputy of Birjand University of Medical Sciences and the principal of Razi Education-Research and Treatment Center in 2018.
This unit is under direct supervision of hospital principal and it operates under the command of Research and Technology deputy of Brijand University of Medical Sciences. All services and research facilities in this center are provided for free using medical research funds allocated by deputy of Research and Technology in Birjand University of Medical Sciences and Razi Hospital. 


  • Providing facilities needed for doing clinical researches

  • Empowering the faculty members and clinical students

  • Improving the quality and quantity of research papers

  • Approval of research policy in the hospital in line with research policies at university

  • Increasing awareness and changing attitudes and performance of researchers in the area of clinical problems

  • Providing human resources and facilities which are needed by Clinical Research and Development Unit

  • Supervising research activities to be done in the best way

  • Making efforts to merge research activities in the fields of education and treatment

  • Consulting and helping students to write research proposals

  • providing statistical consulting to assistants and students for their dissertation

  • Helping students to convert their dissertation to research papers

  • Holding workshops and educational-research seminars

  • Holding workshops to teach research methodology, writing papers, searching for sources, …

  • Holding workshops to teach research software tools and electronic search systems

Consulting Services and List of Consultants in this Unit: 

  • Statistic consulting and data analysis (filtering data and analyzing data)

  • Providing epidemiology and research methodology consulting (searching for sources, codification of research proposals, consulting in implementation of the study and writing report)

  • Consulting students about ethical issues in medical researches

  • Helping students to edit their scientific papers and reports written in English and Persian

  • Helping students to publish their research results (writing paper, submitting papers, tracking papers from acceptance to publication)

Unit Principal:

  • Dr. Nahid Azdaki,Cardiologist, faculty member of Birjand University of Medical Sciences

 Academic staff:

  • Maryam Soltani, with a master's degree in Epidemiology

  • Nasrin Amirabadizadeh, with a master's degree in Health Education and Promotion

Address: Clinical Research and Development Unit, Razi Hospital, Qaffari Blvd. Birjand, Iran

Tel: +98-56-31626461-6463

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