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Intermediate Care Unit After Cardiac Surgery
Intermediate Care Unit After Cardiac Surgery of Razi hospital

Intermediate Care Unit After Cardiac Surgery:


This unit was established in January 13th, 2019 to provide diagnosis, treatment services for patients with heart or internal problems under the supervision of specialists. This unit has two hospital hallways. Each hallway has 6 rooms and it has 11 beds. Total number of beds in this unit is 12 beds. This unit has an isolation room, and four private rooms with one bed, four rooms with two beds and two rooms with 4 beds. All rooms are equipped and there are a central suction system, an oxygen capsule, a closet, a television, a refrigerator, nurse call system and locker. There are 14 rollaway beds for patient's carer to feel comfort. Three beds in this unit are equipped with central monitoring system.

Equipment of this Unit :

  • Syringe pump

  • Infusion pump

  • Pulse OxiMetr device

  • Electroshock device

  • electrocardiogram

  • Ophthalmoscope device

  • Glucometer

  • Nebulizer

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