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International Medical Service
International Medical Service

With a history of more than 20 years, the Neurosurgery Department of Imam Reza Hospital is one of the most active wards of the hospital. With the presence of 3 neurosurgeons, this ward is able to admit patients with neurological trauma, central and peripheral nervous system tumors, and disk and spinal cord injuries from the neighboring cities and countries.

This department has 14 beds in the neurosurgery ward, 5 beds in Post ICU and 12 active beds in Neurosurgery ICU. Moreover, there are 2 well-equipped neurosurgery and emergency neurosurgery operating rooms.

The three neurosurgical specialists working in this department are:

  • Dr. Kazem Ghaemi, Neurosurgeon and stereotaxic fellowship from Germany, Associate Professor of Birjand University of Medical Sciences   

  • Dr. Jalal Ahmadi, Neurosurgeon

  • Dr. Hamed Hanif, Neurosurgeon

The list of routine surgical operations performed in this department is as follows:

  • Surgery of brain tumors

  • Surgery of spinal trauma

  • Surgery of traumatic brain injury and hemorrhage

  • Spinal disc surgery

  • Hydrocephalus shunt surgery

The availability of advanced and up-to-date surgical equipment such as neurosurgical microscope, fluoroscope, SONOCA and stereotaxic equipment, modern imaging and laboratory equipment, along with the expertise and sophistication of the surgeons has resulted in the referral of many patients from different places to this center for surgery for which the results have proved satisfactory.

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