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Research Projects of Social Determinants of Health Research Center

Title of Research Project

Date of approval by the council


Assessing the factors affecting fertility preferences in married women of reproductive age in Birjand city by using path analysis


Hakime Melaki-Moghaddam, Dr. Miri

Examining the nutritional status and related factors in the elderly in Birjand city in 2016


Abasali Ramezani

Examining the amount of the heavy metals,lead and cadmiumin highly-consumed brands of eyebrow cosmetics in Birjand city in 2016


Maryam Khodadadi

Assessing Men's and women's perception of questions in emotional intelligence questionnaire: ordinal logistic regression model purified combination with repetition

Dr. Elahe Allahyari

Investigating the prevalence of depression in the elderly in Birjand City in 2016


Narges Moasheri

Assessing the people’s satisfaction of the family physician planin South
Khorasan in 2016


Masood Delpasand

Investigating the satisfaction of family doctors in South
Khorasanfrom family physician planin 2015


Dr. Mahdizade, Masood Delpasand

Examining and comparingthe perceived knowledge, self-efficacy, self-care and social support in patients with type 2 diabetes in Birjand and Yazd cities in 2016


Fateme Baghernezhad, Seyyed Said Mazloomi

The investigation of the status of multiple medication (poly-pharmacy) and its related factors among the elderly in Birjand in 2016


Abbasali Ramezani

Examining the relationship between the public health and health literacy of Clergymen in South Khorasan Province


Zahra Vahdaninia, Mahdi Abdorrazagh-nezhad

Examining the status of sleep quality and related factors among the elderly in Birjand in 2016


Dr. Mitra Moaddi, Samane Aliabadi

The effect of iron and vitamin D supplements on the severity of premenstrual syndrome in high school girl students in Birjand in the school year 2015-2016


Bibi-Narges Moasheri

Examining the prevalence of vitamin D deficiency and iron deficiency in high school girl students of South Khorasan Province in 2015


Gholamreza Sharifzade

Evaluating the efficiency of Barberry stem powder and the ash of Barberry stem in the removal of Reactive Red 195 (RR195) from aqueous solutions


Maryam Khodadadi, Mohammad Kamranifar

Designing a tool to measure functional, communicational and critical health literacy


Dr. Mohammadreza Miri, Dr. EnsieNoroozi

Examining the efficiency ofsingle-walled and multi-walled carbon nano tubes in the removal of the drugs acetaminophen and penicillin G from aqueous environments


Maryam Khodadadi, Dr. Ali Naghizade

Assessing the feasibility of removing so2 gas from the air by using activated carbon loaded with synthesized iron nano particles by green method


Mohammad-Hamed Hoseini, Dr. Faride Golbabaii

Examining the efficiency of nano-carbon black in the removal of the metal ions of lead and copper from aqueous environments


Dr. Ali Naghizade, Maryam Khodadadi

Analysis and removal of humic acid from aqueous environments by using Photocatalyst process in the presence of zero-valent iron nano particles synthesized by green method continuously and discontinuously


Taher Shahriari, Rasool Khosravi

Examining the prevalence of vitamin D and calcium deficiency in the elderly of Birjand city in 2016


Omolbanin Motamed-rezaii, Dr. zoya Taher-gurabi

Investigating the status of common female cancer screening and related factors among health officials in South Khorasan province


Dr. Ensie Noroozi, Dr. Mitra Moaddi

Examining the effect of social support and mental health on life satisfaction among the elderly of Birjand City in 2015


Dr. Mohammadreza Miri

The study of occupational exposure to overall and free silica dust in the workers of Mines and Industries of South Khorasan


Mahmood Sadeghi Khorashad

The study of the health literacy of the adults in South Khorasan Province


Dr. Mitra Moaddi, Dr. Kambiz Mahdizade

Examining the prevalence of occupational accidents and related factors in the construction workers of Birjand in 2015


Mahmood Sadeghi Khorashad

Examining the health state of the elderly in South Khorasan Province


The research center for the social factors effective on health

The Master Plan of breast cancer screening in South Khorasan province in2015-2016: A population-based study


Dr. Mitra Moodi

A comparison of metabolic syndrome in patients with breast and gastrointestinal cancer and non-cancer people in Birjand


Dr. Zoya TaherGoorbi, Zahra Ghirvani

The study of the prevalence of mobile phone addiction and its relationship with quality of life in students of Birjand University of Medical Sciences in the year 2015


Dr. Miri, Hamid Salehinia

Evaluating the amount of satisfaction of insurance in employees of Birjand University of Medical Sciences in 2015


Dr. Mitra Moaddi, Dr. Behnam Barikbin

The chemical and microbiological quality of mineral water sand the water supplied in the desalinators throughout Birjand in the fall and winter of 2015


Dr. Ali Naqizade

The evaluation of research self-efficacy in the graduate students of Birjand University of Medical Sciences in the year 2015


Dr. Miri

Determining the efficiency of sulfate removal by grapheneand graphite nanoparticles from aqueous solutions


Dr. Ali Naqizade

Investigation of the relationship between Visfatin, HCG, and perceived stress with nausea and vomiting in prime gravidity women during 3 trimester of pregnancy


Dr. Zoya TaherGoorbi, Dr. Mitra Moaddi

The life experiences of working women of the concept of Professors’forgiveness


Dr. Mohammadreza Miri

Determining the effectiveness of different disinfectants on pathogenic bacteria isolated from surfaces and equipment of the ICU of Imam Reza Hospital, Birjand


Mrs. Sahlabadi, Mrs. Rahimi

Determining the effectiveness of the educational intervention based on healthy lifestyle on health-promoting behaviors in type 2 diabetic patients in Birjand City


Abbas Javadi

Survival analysis of the factors affecting the time of the first birth among married women in Birjand


Dr. Mohammadreza Miri, Hakime Malaki-Moghaddam

Examining the factors affecting the first and the second birth interval in the married women of Birjand City


Dr. Mohammadreza Miri, Hakime Malaki-Moghaddam

Presenting the causal model of psychological and occupational pressure in connection with cognitive, spiritual, familial and motivational components in the personnel of health and treatment department in Birjand City


Mohammad Seyyedabadi, Fariba Farazi

Examining the absorbable and kinetic characteristics of nano-chitosan in the removal of fluoride from aqueous solutions


Dr. Ali Naqizade

Assessing the efficacy of the nano continuous column based on nano-montmorilloniteand nano bentonitein the removal of fluoride from aqueous solutions


Dr. Ali Naqizade

The study of the Kinetics, thermodynamics and isotherms of the process of the removing humic acid by chitosan nano particles from aquatic environments


Dr. Ali Naqizade

Investigating the prevalence of self-treatment and related factors in pharmacy clients in Birjand


Dr. Zoya TaherGoorbi, Dr. Mitra Moaddi

Investigating the prevalence of iron deficiency, anemia and some related factors in pregnant women referred to the laboratory of the health center of Birjand in 2014


Nahid Yazdanpoor

Green synthesis of iron nano particles from the leaves and extracts of plants native to South Khorasan and the examination and comparison of physicochemical characteristics of nano particles manufactured


Mr. Khosravi

Determination and analysis of safety margin and positioning equipment by using two approaches: risk-based and modeling of LPG establishment output


Mr. Dor-Mohammadi, Mr. zareii

Assessing the level of knowledge, attitude and performance of housewives in Birjand and Sarayan Cities in terms of solid waste recycling


Mr. Rahimi, Mr. Sahlabadi

The evaluation of the beliefs and norms of smoking hookah in hookah-smokers in Birjand City in 2014


Dr. Moaddi

Evaluating the efficiency of removing humic acid from aqueous solutions by nutshell modified with TiO2 and ZnO nanoparticles


Dr. Naqizade, Mr. Khosravi

Examining the effect of nanoparticles of titanium dioxide and zinc dioxide loaded on new activated carbon on the removal of methylene blue


Mr. Khosravi

Production of nanomagnetic iron oxide coated on powdered activated and granular carbon (GAC & PAC) and comparison of their efficiency in the removal of phosphate from aqueous solutions


Mr. Khodadadi, Mr. Dorri

Examining the microbial contamination of the Shahid Chamran Hospital, Ferdos city, in the year2013-2014


Mr. Khodadadi, Mr. Mehdi Heydari

Examining the effect of iron oxide nanomagnets in the extraction, pre-concentration,and simultaneous measurement of heavy metals from aqueous solutions


Dr. Barikbin, Mr. Dorri

Production of granular activated carbon by the three methods of the rmochemical, the rmochemistry – electrochemistry, and Thermo-electrochemistry from the grain of
Peganum.hermalaand examination of its physicochemical characteristics and absorption capacity in the removal of heavy metals


Mr. Khosravi, Dr. Naqizade

Investigating the prevalence of backache and factors affecting it in the staff of University of Medical Sciences, Birjand, in the year 2014


Dr. Mitra Moaddi

Measuring the concentration of carbon monoxide in indoor air and free air in Birjand City and comparing it with the standard air quality



Dr. Ali Naqizade, Dr. Barikbin

Measuring the concentration of benzene compounds, toluene, ethyl benzene and xylene (BTEX) in indoor air and free air (outdoor) in
  Birjand and comparing it with the standard Air Quality 2014


Dr. Ali Naqizade

The effect of educational workshop on Knowledge of fatness and the concept of spinal shrinkage in the students of Birjand University of Medical Sciences


Dr. Zoya TaherGoorbi, Dr. Mitra Moaddi

Internet-related lifestyles in students of Birjand University of Medical Sciences in the year2013


Dr. Mitra Moaddi

Investigating the quality of life in women with breast cancer in South Khorasan province in 2013


Dr. Mitra Moaddi

Empowering the members of the research center of social factors affecting health
in the year 1392/2013with an approach to improving the output


Dr. Miri

Evaluating the efficiency of cadmium uptake from synthetic wastewater by using various biological wastes


Rasool Khosravi

Investigating the relationship between religious orientation and general health in the elderly in South Khorasan


Hamid Salehinia

Investigating the causes of congenital anomalies in children under the support of health and treatment centers in Birjand city in the years 2007-2011


Zahra Amininasab

Designing educational software of population control and family planning


Ms. Moasheri, Seyyed Mohammadreza Lami

Examining the prevalence of microbial contamination of traditional ice cream in the supply units of traditional ice cream in Birjand city from 2007 to 2012



Assessing the concentration of heavy metals (copper, cadmium, chromium, and zinc) in the saffron product of South Khorasan


Mr. Khodadadi, Dr. Malakootian

Epidemiological study of mortality among children under 5 years of age and factors affecting it in the years 1389 and 1390 (2010 and 2011)in South Khorasan



Evaluating the efficiency of fluoride removal from aqueous environments by means of the charcoal from almond green shell


Mr. Khodadadi, Dr. Amirhosein Mahvi

Examining the removal of reactive red 198 and Acid Red 18 dye from synthetic wastewater by using Electric coagulation process



Investigating the removal of organic materials and determining the synthetic coefficients of the wastewater stabilization pond of Birjand city on the basis of designed models


Rasool Khosravi, Ehsan Abooii-Mehrizi

Examining the tendency towards critical thinking in the participants of the Conference of Health Development at Birjand University of Medical Sciences


Dr. Miri, Tahere Khazaii

Applying the model of planned behavior in the selection of the mode of delivery in nulliparous women in Birjand


Dr. Miri, Maryam Behelgardi

Investigating the removal of heavy metals (based on 6 Capacity chromium and arsenic) from contaminated water by using green shell of almond


Dr. Barikbin

Examining the relationship between everyday activities, depression and quality of life of the rural elderly in Birjand city in 2011


Sakine Mesgar

A 6-year epidemiological study of suspected cases of measles in South Khorasan province during the years 2006-2011


Reza Hajiabadi

Examining the factors affecting the prevalence of depression in pregnant women in Ghaenat city in the year2011


Fateme Ghotbi

Investigating the reasons of the withdrawal of IUD in 10-49 year old women referring to health care centers and private sector of Ferdows city in the year 2012


Masoome Mokhayyeri Radkan, Mohammad-Hosein Nakhaii

The 5-year epidemiological study of the cases of suicide attempts in South Khorasan Province in the years 2008-2012


Dr. Mohammadreza Ghofrani

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