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Scientific Articles of Social Determinants of Health Research Center/ 2016

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Using geographic information system (GIS) and remote sensing (RS) in zoning nitrate concentration in the groundwater of Birjand, Iran.

Reza Ali Fallahzadeh,  Hamid Reza Azimzadeh, Rasoul Khosravi,  Seyed Ali Almodaresi,  Maryam Khodadadi, Hadi Eslami,
Zahra Derakhshan,  Shahram Sadeghi,  Roya Peirovi Minaee

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A survey of Transitional Shifts in Physical Activity Behavior among Employees of Birjand Universities Based on Transtheoretical Model, A Longitudinal Study, Iran, 2014

 Fatemeh  Rakhshany Zabol, Gholamreza  Sharifzadeh, Mitra Moodi

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Prevalence of Cigarette Smoking and Related Factors in Birjand, Iran During Year 2014

Masood Ziaee, Gholamreza Sharifzadeh, Toba Kazemi, Ghedsiyeh Azarkar, and Mahboube Saljoughi

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Wasteto Energy:Challenges and oppoutunities in Iran

Lida Rafati, Maryam Rahmani Boldaji, Maryam Khodadadi, Zahra Atafar, Mohamad Hassan Ehrampoush, Seyad Mojtaba Momtaz, Rahimeh Alizadeh, Mehdi Mokhtari

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Compare the Relative Freqency of Thyroid Function Disords in Obese and Overweight Children With non Obese Children, a case control Study

Neda Ebrahimi, Fatemeh Taheri, Mitra Moodi, Mahmoud Zardast

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Oxidative Stress Biomarkers in Exhaled Breath of Workers Exposed to Crystalline Silica Dust by SPME- GC- MS

Jalali M, Bahrami A, Zare Sokhveidi MJ, Mahjob H, Barijani N

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From obesity to cancer :a review on proposed mechanism

Zoya Tahergorabi, Mjid Khazaei, Mitra Moodi, Elham Chamani

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Noise Pollution in Old and New Urban Fabric With Focus on Traffic Flow

Mohammad reza Monazzam ,Vahideh Abolhasan nejad, Narges Moasheri, Vahid Abolhasan nejad, Hamid Kardan moghaddam

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Investigating the Sero prevalence of Hepatit E Among Blood Donors Referring Blood Donation Centers In Birjand Couty In Iran

Zohreh Azarkar, Mohammad Reza Miri, Shima Arjmand

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The Effects of Inhalation of Aromatherapy with Lavender on Anxiety Amongst Patients Undergoing Colonoscopy

Marzieh Mogharab, Kazem Ayobzadeh, Seyed Mousal Reza Hosseini, Gholamreza Sharifzadeh

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Efficiency of EDTA modified nanoclay in removal of humic acid from aquatic solutions

Hossein Abdoallah zadeh, Babak Alizadeh, Rasoul Khosravi , Mehdi Fazlzadeh

 Scopus, Google Scholar

Analysis of Carbonated Biosorbents Application in Heavy Metal Removal from Synthetic Wastewate

Lobat Taghavi, Iman Nasseh, Behnam Barikbin ,Negin Nasseh

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Physical Activity Training and Middle Aged Females’ Quality of Life

Mansooreh Abbasi, Mohammad Reza Miri, Narjes Moasheri

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The Effects of Grape Seed Extract Ointment on Approximation of Cesarean Section Wound

Sima Soorgi, Ali Mohammad Izadpanah, Gholam Reza Sharifzadeh, Marziyeh Torshizi, Zohreh Khazaye, Mohammad Hasanpour

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The Effects of Music Therapy on Depression Among Students

Bibi Narjes Moasheri, Gholamreza Sharifzadeh, Morteza Nahardan,  Khodamorad Soofi

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Predictors of Preventive Behaviors of Urinary Tract Infection Based on Health Belief Model Among Pregnant Women In Zahedan

Seyyed Fateme Rahimi, Iraj Zareban, Mahnaz Shadrakipoor, Atefe Zhianian, Zohre Keykhaee, Esmat Sadate Hosseini, Fahime karamibojd

ISC, Google Scholar

Prevalence Of Noncommunicable Diseases, Risk Factors Among Secondary School Students in Eastern Iran in 2013- 2016

EladeYari, Amir Tiury, Davood Beheshti, Hooriyeh Khodabakhshi, Gholamreza Sharifzadeh

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Cultural Adaptation and Psychometric Properties of the Persian Version of the Circumstances, Motivation, and Readiness Scale

Ensiyeh Norozi, Mohammad Reza Miri, Raheleh Soltani, Ahmad Ali Eslami,Ali Reza Harivandi, Reza Dastjerdi

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Predictors of motivation for substance abuse treatment in a sample of Iranian addicts

Ensiyeh Norozi, Mohammad Reza Miri, Ahmad Ali Eslami, Ali Reza Harivandi, Reza Dastjerdi

ISI, Google Scholar

Drug Avoidance Self Efficacy Scale (DASES) : A Cultural Adaption and Validation Study

Ensiyeh Norozi, Mohammad Reza Miri, Raheleh Soltani, Ahmad Ali Eslami, Ali Reza Harivandi & Reza Dastjerdi

ISI, Google Scholar

The role of desalination in removal of the chemical, physical and biological parameters of drinking water a case study of Birjand City

M. Khodadadi, A.H. Mahvi, M.T. Ghaneian, M.H. Ehrampoush, H. Dorri &L. Rafati


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