Tuesday, May 17, 2022
technological projects of Health Technology Incubator Center

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Designing and Manufacturing surgical beds with ability to change the position of the patient from supine to prone without contact with the patient

Mohammad Hasani

Arterial bleeding controllers

Mohmood Ahmadabadi

Communication and learning vestibular system

Dr. Saebipoor

Designing and constructing a complete artificial heart based on heart simulator system  

Mohammad Naiimipoor

Multiplex Real-Time PCR Kit for the detection of fetal sex from maternal blood in the first weeks of pregnancy for clinical use

Dr. Kazem Dastjerdi

Designing and standardizing the production line of transgenic cells

Dr. Mohsen Foadaddini

Setting up the virtual laboratories of Medical Microbiology

Dr. Majid Zare-bidaki

Producing 10 extracts needed for skin tests of allergy diagnosis production by using raw materials available in the country

Dr. Mohammad Fereydooni

Tablets and capsules of anti-cancer Organic Saffron

Dr. Reyhane Hooshyar

The controlling system of coagulation state of patients being treated with warfarin

Dr. Rahmanian Sharifabad

Convertible stethoscope

Mohammad Ebrahim Ravanbakhsh

Operating room cautery with ability to suction out the smoke from surgical incisions

Narges Moradi

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