Friday, May 20, 2022
Patented inventions of Health Technology Incubator Center

Title of invention

Owner of plan

Hospital trolley for patient transfer from one bed to another

Morteza Bahrampoor

Patient’s Programmable impulse device during sleep

Mohammadreza Saebipoor

Razor-sharpening solution

Mahla Mahdinezhad

Diabetes Smart Device

Mahdi Khademi, Matin Entezari, Mahdi Shamse, Majid Shayeste,

Special suction tube device

Javad Dehaki Toroghi

Safety belt retractable and portable for patient transfer

Ebrahim Dadi

Making a combined mask for the treatment of respiratory distress

Javad Dehaki Toroghi

Construction of analgesic ointment from extracts and essential oils of the plants chamomile, gall, turpentine, ginger, pepper, Bishop and ostrich oil

Mohammad Hasan Poorfard, Mohsen Pooyan

The method of increasing the efficiency of TALENs and their application in the production of transgenic laboratory organisms

Mohsen Foadaddini, Amir Taheri Ghahfarrokhi

Hospital combined beds for patients and their companions

Gholamhosein Mahmoodi-raad, Morteza Bahrampoor

Self-protecting double barrel syringes

Morteza Bahrampoor, Seyyed Fazel Fazeli Ghazyak

Gold nanoparticles conjugated with Krusin

Dr. Reyhane Hooshyar, Malihe Poorgholami, Masood Keikhaii

Constructing a diuretic from aqueous extract of pine bark and fruit

Hadi Shariati

Marmalade Jelly paste

Amir Abdollahi, Alie Abyar

Automatic positioning system for operating room

Mohammad Hasani

Plant ointment based on alfalfa to destroy dermatophytes

Hojjat Ghaffari, Amir hosein Yahyaii

Operating table with the ability to change the position of the patient from supine to prone without contact with the patient

Mohammad Hasani

Prostatectomy pump

Fateme Fakhr-aalizade, Hamidreza Zahabi, Hosein Ramezani

Mini-Pin Cutter

Fateme Fakhr-aalizade, Hamidreza Zahabi

Automatic positioning system of the operating room

Mohammad Hasani

Argasf (organic saffron capsules and tablets)

Dr. Reyhane Hooshyar, Malihe Poor-Gholami, Dr. Hasan Poorfard, Dr. Mohammad Ali Behdani, Behnaz Behdani, Nafise Hooshyar

Patient’s adjustable pillow

Dr. Mahmood Ganjifard

Multi-functional anesthesia mask

Dr. Mahmood Ganjifard

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